One of the most valuable company assets is an intangible asset, such as an Intellectual Property and the goodwill value of a given company. To be able to identify these assets, study them, assess them and come out with a meaningful and valuable recommendation, we conduct what is known as an IP Audit.
IP Audit is a systematic review of the intellectual property assets owned, used or acquired by a business to assess and manage risk, remedy problems and implement best practices in IP asset management. This review involves many check-list forms, assessment forms, data collocation forms and interview forms.
IP Audit is performed by conducting company research, looking at its future plans and strategy, studying and analyzing the business units, along with interviewing the unit heads as well as all other operational heads of the administrative and financial divisions of the company. We follow this process to collect data to help us to identify all IP rights, catalogue them, conduct due diligence of all these rights, plan the company’s future IP infrastructure and decide what, when and where to register and protect.